June Expectations

April and May have been a whirlwind for me as we celebrated the birth of our baby girl Elizabeth on March 28th. Trying to keep up will three kids and recover from childbirth hadme exhausted. Getting back to my books amidst all this excitement has proven to help me find my balance again.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many new authors and books I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to. For the month of June I definitely have a full plate of amazing books to read; commitments I’ve made to authors.

I’m looking forward to my stack of reads that include:

  1. Us Against You
  2. Hope of Ages Past
  3. A Collar for Cerberus
  4. When Leaves Listen
  5. David and the Heart of Aurasius
  6. Damaged
  7. Captive Rebel

This is my current project list and every book on here I am excited to read. Full of adventures and excitement, I can’t wait to share every one of these books with my readers.

My other goal for June is to create a weekly update post, like this one, recapping what’s going on and giving you all a look into my adventures in literature.

For now, happy reading! 💕📚

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