Charming and the Cherry Blossom by LJ Evans – Cover Reveal

  • Title: Charming and the Cherry Blossom 
  • Author: LJ Evans
  • Publisher: Self-published
  • Publication Date: July 16, 2021
  • Genre: standalone, contemporary romance 
  • Tropes: new adult, fairy tale, magical realism, small town, first love, soul mate, slow burn
  • Format: eBook, paperback, and hardback
  • Tag Line: “Love turns every story into a fairy tale.”

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“Love turns every story into a fairy tale.”


Today was a fairy tale…

I inherited a fortune from a dad I never knew, and a thoroughly charming guy asked me out. Unfortunately, my fairy tale could disappear in ninety days… 

Because there’s an impossible task to complete, and a greedy cousin plotting against me.

Plus, I’m not your typical fairy tale princess. I have a secret that might send my charming running, and threatens my future if the press finds out.

If today was a fairy tale…Why does my happily ever after look so far out of reach?

From award-winning author, LJ Evans, comes a contemporary romance filled with all the magic, hope, and love of a fairy tale plus the slow-burn, old-soul vibe her fans adore. Inspired by Taylor Swift’s “Today Was a Fairytale,” this small-town romance is pure escapism.

A full-length, standalone adult romance.

“Where music & stories collide” ♬


Award winning author, LJ Evans, lives in the California Central Valley with her husband, daughter, and the terrors called cats. She’s been writing, almost as a compulsion, since she was a little girl and will often pull the car over to write when a song lyric strikes her. A former first grade teacher, she now spends her days reading and writing, as well as binge-watching original shows like The Crown, A Discovery of Witches, Veronica Mars, and Stranger Things.

If you ask her the one thing she won’t do, it’s pretty much anything that involves dirt—sports, gardening, or otherwise. But she loves to write about all of those things, and her first published heroine was pretty much involved with dirt on a daily basis, which is exactly why LJ loves fiction novels—the characters can be everything you’re not and still make their way into your heart.
Her debut novel, MY LIFE AS A COUNTRY ALBUM, was the Independent Author Network’s 2017 YA Book of the Year.

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