Imagine Me CBP Author Feature: C.C. Ward

Book Title: London Loves His Opposites

Book Description:

This is the story about a boy who was born to be different and his fantastic, imaginative view of the

 world. In London’s world, down is up, fish have paws and you can stroll among the stars. London

 Loves His Opposites celebrates the neuro‐divergent; those who communicate differently and

 experience the world differently. This is a story for all ages. This is a story for anyone who has never

 seemed to fit in, but dared to dream and for others to see the beauty and harmony that comes from

 acceptance and diversity.

Author Name: C.C. Ward

Author Bio: 

My name is Christina Chisholm Ward. I am a native of Queens, New York; though most of my teenage and adult years were spent in Atlanta, GA. My family and I currently reside in San Diego California. I am a mother of two (London, 9 and Logan 5) and happily married to my college sweetheart of 21 years, Cedric Ward. I am an Autism advocate, trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), a mentor to parents with children that have extra needs, my own child’s ABA therapist, and author of London Loves His Opposites©. I am a graduate of Clark Atlanta University with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science; graduating with honors (Pi Sigma Alpha). I am currently in my second year of Seminary, working toward my Masters in Divinity. I am an active member and leader in my church. In my spare time, I enjoy singing, writing, cooking and exploring life with my family.

My life is my inspiration for this book. I am an autism mom and an autism aunt (my son and twin nephews are autistic). Every day, I witness firsthand both the beauty and difficulties that come with doing life with someone on this magnificent spectrum. Though every person is different and thus, every parent’s experience with their extra-needs child is different, the one thing all of us parents/loved ones/caregivers/teachers have in common is the desire to step into our child’s world. We hope to learn how they think, so that we can help them navigate this life. Rather than trying to force those who are atypical to conform to what society deems to be “normal”, this story challenges the reader to not only accept what is different, but to celebrate and even participate in those differences. My hope is that this book does more than bring a smile to the reader’s face, but inspires those who may not belong to the extra-needs community to engage with those individuals who are just as special, just as wonderful, just as gifted, but are often misunderstood and overlooked simply because they experience and interact with the world differently.

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