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Aisling, Lori – Darkest Deeds

Antonacci, Jordan – The Killed Conscience

Backman, Fredrik – Us Against You

Bardugo, Leigh – Shadow and Bone

Bardugo, Leigh – Siege and Storm

Bartasius, Elizabeth – The Elegant Out

Blair, Heather – Lucid Dreaming

Bommersbach, Jana – thedeadgirlinthevacantlot

Bone, K.L. – Embracing the Dragon

Brandy, Meagan – Brayshaw Series

Brownell, Rachael – Half Truths

Butler, Octavia – Wild Seed

Campbell, Michele – It’s Always the Husband

Campbell, Michele – She Was the Quiet One

Carlson, Melody – A Christmas by the Sea

Castillo, Lauren – Our Friend Hedgehog

Cates, Georgia – Eighty-One Nights

Celeste, B. – Color Me Pretty

Celeste, B. – If I Could

Celeste, B. – Into the Clear Water

Celeste, B. – Tell Me When It’s Over

Chakraborty, S.A. – City of Brass

Collins, Dani – In Too Deep

Cowen, Amanda – Tainted

Cramer, Scott – Eden Chip

Cranford, B. – The Fear of Falling

Crosiar, Sally – Come Back

Cumming, Graeme – Raven’s Gathering

Daniels, Krissy – L.O.V.E.

Davis, D.M. – No Mercy

Diam, Casey – Keeping Her Close

Elizabeth, K.D. – The Christmas Cadeau

Evans, L.J. – Damaged Desires

Feavel, Katie – When Leaves Listen

Flynn, Avery – The Wedding Date Disaster

Fossan, Leigh – Painting Blue Water

Fox, Ivy – Hear No Evil

Gardner, Bruce – Hope of Ages Past

Gebhard, Mary C. – Heartless Hero

Gebhard, Mary C. – Stolen Soulmate

Gebhard, Mary C. – Forbidden Fate

George, Caroline – The Vestige

Gibbs, Chad Alan – Two Like Me and You

Gillespie, David Michael – Obake Neko

Goenawan, Clarissa – Rainbirds

Greene, L.J. – After Effects

Haines, Rayanne – Magic Born

Hale, Brianna – Breaking Her In

Hale, Brianna – Devrim’s Discpline

Hale, Jenny – It Started With Christmas

Hall, Julie – Stealing Embers

Hannah, Kristin – The Great Alone

Harris, Lilian – Fragile Lies

Harris, Lilian – Fragile Truths

Henry, Patti C. – The Favorite Daughter

Holmes, R. & Eden Veronica – Jingle Wars

Jones, Sandie – The First Mistake

Kagawa, Julie – Soul of the Sword

Kagawa, Julie – Shadow of the Fox

Kammier, Holly – Kingston Court

Karlik, Mary – Magic Harvest

Kasch, Kate – Restoring Christmas

Keeton, K.M. – HIS

Keith, Megan – Eraser

Keith, Megan – How To Liv

Klay, Kassandra – Ambitious Drive

Laelyn, Cassie – Salvation

Lavalle, Leigh – Snowlicious

Law, Mary Jane – Love and Pollination

Leah, Shannyn – Sunset Thunder

Leigh, Jennifer – Not Like Everyone Else

Logan, T.M. – LIES

Loring, Kayley – A Very Bossy Christmas

Lucero, Isabel – Risking it All

Luxx, Leaona – Cherry Grove

Luxx, Leaona – Drive Me Crazy

Madsen, Cindi – Always a Bridesmaid

Matthews, C.L. – Here Lives a Corpse

Matthews, C.L. – Inhale, Exhale

Mcdermott, Erin – Captive Rebel

Monroe, Elena – The Initiation

Monroe, Elena – The Test

Moskowitz, Hannah – Sick Kids in Love

Olivia, Julie – Thick as Thieves

Perkins-Valdez, Dolen – Balm

Radcliff, C.M. – Opium Skies

Robichaux, K.D. – Doc

Rogerson, Margaret – An Enchantment of Ravens

Rose, K.V. – Ecstasy

Rose, Renee / Savino, Lee – Alpha’s Blood

Royce, Rebecca – Redhead on the Run

Saman, J. – Darkest Sin

Saman, J. – The Edge of Reason

Saman, J. – Crazy to Love You

Sandor, Krista – Own The Eights Maybe Baby

Savage, K.L. – Skirt

Seton, Anya – Green Darkness

Schiller, Sophie – Island on Fire

Skousen, Paul B. – The Search for Rasha

Sky, Lana – Moth

Sky, Lana – Flame

Sky, Lana – Ruthless King

Sky, Rebecca – Arrowheart

Solomons, Natasha – House of Gold

Stanley, Matt – A Collar For Cerberus

Stray, J.L. – Irreversibly Broken

Sullivan, J.M. – Second Star

Sylvis, S.J. – Yours Truly, Cammie

Tjebben, Karen – Grace’s Kiss

Tjebben, Karen – Scintillate

Tyler, Q.B. – Love Unexpected

Van Wyk, Jennifer – All I Need

Ward, J.R. – Dark Lover

Webster, K. – Stroke of Midnight

Weeks, October – Salt and Iron

West, Lola – Tofu Cowboy

Wiggins, K.A. – Blind The Eyes

Williams, Tanya E. – Becoming Mrs. Smith

Williams, Tanya E. – Stealing Mr. Smith

Willig, Lauren – The English Wife

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