Book Review: The Last One You Loved by L.J. Evans

★★★★★ I have been a long time member of L.J. Evans' ARC Team and her latest release is another reminder of why I adore her books as much as I do. Her focus on small town romances and stories tied directly to song verses, creates a reading experience like no other. When I read her... Continue Reading →

Just One Kiss by J. Saman

★★★★★ Photo by Mohan Reddy Atalu on Continuing on my holiday reading journey for 2020 and I must say, all these happy "feel-good" stories have really made my holiday this year. I don't think I would be feeling as positive about the holiday season if it wasn't for all the wonderful HEA I've read... Continue Reading →

Salvation by Cassie Laelyn

★★★★★ Photo by patrice schoefolt on It has been far too long since I've read a paranormal romance! I used to read a lot of vampire, shifter or witch novels and I've kind of gravitated away from it recently. Not really because I didn't enjoy them, I think I just got distracted by so... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Cadeau by K.D. Elizabeth

★★★★★ Photo by Nicole Michalou on For me, the holidays have always been about spending time with family and those important moments where we reconnect and remember why we all love each other so much. Sitting around together eating a meal, sharing and opening thoughtful gifts for one another, and just sharing in the... Continue Reading →

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