Friday Feels – Reading Updates

I hope you're all as excited for Friday as I am - this has been a very long and trying week for me. Not going into details as a lot of it is very personal, but I'm looking forward to a lovely weekend. My oldest son starts returning to his swim lessons tomorrow and we'll... Continue Reading →

Monday Motivation – Reading Updates

About a month or so ago I received a copy of 'The Girls at 17 Swann Street' from St. Martin's Press. I had seen their Facebook advertisements for free copies, and knowing what the book was about, thought I would request one. If you have ever suffered from a self-image issue, this book cuts right... Continue Reading →

Weekly Update

This has been an incredibly busy week with lots of great new things going on. I am sorry I did not post much this week, but I spent most of my time putting some great plans together for the future of my blog here and I can't wait to share that with you. First off,... Continue Reading →

Spotlight: Breakthrough by Ashley Walsh

This morning I was looking through twitter and came across this amazing new novel that recently released and hasn't received a huge response yet. I can't see why not, because the story appears to have a pretty sound foundation. I expect this book to take off quickly so here's a little look at the book... Continue Reading →

Kindle Wrap-Up

This week's Kindle Wrap-Up includes some hard to find gems that I searched arduously for in the FREE kindle books sections. We've got a nice assortment of women's literature, mystery and young adult fantasy to keep all of our interests in high gear. When I look for these options, I am not just searching for... Continue Reading →

What Do You Want in a Book?

This is something we all think about as avid readers - but what do you really want in a book? When you think about this, don't think about a genre such as "I like romance!" or "Science Fiction is the best!". What I really want you to think about are the parts of books that... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Vestige by Caroline George

Title: The Vestige Author: Caroline George Publisher: Evernight Teen Release: June 30, 2017 Links: Amazon | Author Caroline George | Goodreads Synopsis: (from Goodreads) Julie Stryker has spent her life in the scenic streets of Charleston, South Carolina, bicycling to the local college, working at a coffeehouse, watching her family fall apart and back together.... Continue Reading →

Hardcover, Paperback or E-book?!

If you're reading this then you, like myself, LOVE to read. However, there are now multiple formats of books to choose from and it's no easy feat to determine which option is the BEST option. Instead, I wanted to take a little bit of time just to review the pros and cons of each type.... Continue Reading →

Progress on “The Passage”

In March of this year, my husband and I welcomed our third child into our lives. After a few weeks of being home I was in need of a bookstore visit and made plans with my mom to head out to lunch and visit my favorite spot: Barnes and Noble. On one of the center... Continue Reading →

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