Green Darkness by: Anya Seton

I recently finished this book. When my Nana moved she gave me a huge box full of all of her old books. This is one of those books. It has a plain green hard-cover and simply says "Green Darkness" on the front of it. When I acquired this book, it looked old and dusty. I... Continue Reading →

Law of Life

There is a sense of deep meaning in “The Law of Life”. London very carefully lays out his story with the introduction of Koskoosh as he is beginning his journey to death. In Koskoosh’s tribe, death is known as an inevitable event that everyone must experience. However, as the reader we are transfixed and carried through... Continue Reading →

The Yellow Wallpaper

As I read this story I continued to feel anxious for the main character in hopes that she would help the women behind the wallpaper escape and free them. I found myself relating with her situation and hoping for her to find a way to help these people. During our discussions in class this week,... Continue Reading →


  After reading this week’s pieces which included a comical fiction piece by Charles W. Chesnutt “The Goophered Grapevine” and a strong historical reference piece by   W. E. B. Du Bois “From The Souls of Black Folk” really had me thinking about the historical context of slavery. Du Bois gives a magnificent, albeit confrontational depiction... Continue Reading →

Bierce & Harte

The readings for this week were interesting and different. What I struggled with mostly this week was that I read everything so quickly in the beginning part of the week, worked on parts of my homework, then went on a three-day vacation where I nearly forgot most of it, then came back yesterday to try... Continue Reading →

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