Mid-Week Updates: Dark Fairytales and Readathons

Destroyed Destiny Update I hope your week is going well and that you're all having a lot of wonderful reading! I know I've had my nose buried in books this year with all the extra time I have available to read. For anyone that has been consumed into the Mary C. Gebhard's Crowne Point series... Continue Reading →

What’s in a Romance Novel?

Romance Novels - Why do we read them and what do we gain from reading them? There have been a lot of thoughts and questions rolling around in my mind lately. This year specifically, I've been reading a lot more romance novels than I used to. Much of my time previously had been spent reading... Continue Reading →

Buddy Reading

I keep finding myself staring at my books, the ones I really want to read, and struggling to get myself to read them. I wasn't sure what to do about it so I just kind of got used to it. But then I came across another Bookstagram friend over on my Instagram and found that... Continue Reading →

May Reading Updates and Coffee

May has been a very productive month for reading and I'm happy to say that I've caught back up on my reading goals for the year and am on track to reach my annual goal for 2020. At the beginning of the year, I put together an entire plan on what I wanted to try... Continue Reading →

Where The Rain Settles

This is my first day working from home and I am.... enjoying it. I got to sleep in a little bit, I got to be here to make my kids breakfast and then get started on my work. I feel much more relaxed and calm sitting here doing my work surrounded by my family. As... Continue Reading →

What’s Happening In Our Lifetime

If you've looked at the news, been to a grocery store or been on social media, then you know the world appears to be in complete chaos. Cities and states are shutting down businesses, curfews are being put into place and people are becoming sick and dying. If you haven't heard of Coronavirus or COVID-19,... Continue Reading →

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