Monday Night Thoughts

I know we've all been experiencing a whole new perspective on life the last month or so with our new conditions. But it's important to stay grounded and at peace within our own homes. Books Clubs, Buddy Reads, and just finding simple ways to socialize will help us all stay close and be able to … Continue reading Monday Night Thoughts

The Baron’s Daughter by Laura Beers

This was honestly my first time reading a romantic spy adventure and I have to say it was quite enjoyable. Laura Beers writes a great mystery with plenty of plot twists and detail to keep you highly engaged and wondering what is going to happen. As well as her ability to weave in all the … Continue reading The Baron’s Daughter by Laura Beers

Reviewing The Search for Rasha by Paul B. Skousen @adventurenlit #romance #historicalfiction #netgalley

The Search for Rasha By Paul B. Skousen Rating:   Amazon | Barnes & Noble My Review: Skousen's descriptions of the various places in Egypt are breathtaking and transport you to a place and time you know you don't have consciously stored in your memory bank. But you feel like you've been there, that you're there with the … Continue reading Reviewing The Search for Rasha by Paul B. Skousen @adventurenlit #romance #historicalfiction #netgalley

Book Review: A Collar for Cerberus #Review @adventurenlit #literature #literaryfiction

A big thanks to #netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book! Title: A Collar for Cerberus Author: Matt Stanley Release: July 26, 2018 Publisher: Thistle Publishing Links: Amazon | Goodreads Synopsis: Never meet your heroes... A naïve English graduate arrives in Greece seeking experience and perhaps an encounter with his literary … Continue reading Book Review: A Collar for Cerberus #Review @adventurenlit #literature #literaryfiction

Cover Reveal: Hidden Empire

Hidden Empire by Matthew Cerra (Saga of the East, #1) Publication date: July 1st 2018 Genres: Adult, Adventure, Fantasy Synopsis: Tyrnor lies surrounded in storms. Its lands have been protected from the outside world for centuries by an ocean churned by winds, rain, and surf that no ship has crossed. Except Timothy has been sent to find exactly that, a ship … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Hidden Empire