Interview with D.M. Davis – Author of No Mercy (New Release)

On August 13th, D.M. Davis's latest book, No Mercy, released to the world! No Mercy is the heated and emotional story of Gabriel “No Mercy” Stone, an affluent MMA fighter, retired Army Special Ops Green Beret Medic, and overall bad-ass Alpha Male and the apple of his eye Frankie. However, Frankie is with Gabriel’s best… Continue reading Interview with D.M. Davis – Author of No Mercy (New Release)


Weekly Reading Update @adventurenlit #ilovereading #readingforlife

I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the quiet and relaxed time at home. Many of us are starting to experience an easing in the lock downs around us and I know lots of people are really excited and getting out to places again. For me, I'm still absolutely loving being home with my… Continue reading Weekly Reading Update @adventurenlit #ilovereading #readingforlife