Interview with D.M. Davis – Author of No Mercy (New Release)

On August 13th, D.M. Davis's latest book, No Mercy, released to the world! No Mercy is the heated and emotional story of Gabriel “No Mercy” Stone, an affluent MMA fighter, retired Army Special Ops Green Beret Medic, and overall bad-ass Alpha Male and the apple of his eye Frankie. However, Frankie is with Gabriel’s best... Continue Reading →

What’s Happening In Our Lifetime

If you've looked at the news, been to a grocery store or been on social media, then you know the world appears to be in complete chaos. Cities and states are shutting down businesses, curfews are being put into place and people are becoming sick and dying. If you haven't heard of Coronavirus or COVID-19,... Continue Reading →

What Do You Want in a Book?

This is something we all think about as avid readers - but what do you really want in a book? When you think about this, don't think about a genre such as "I like romance!" or "Science Fiction is the best!". What I really want you to think about are the parts of books that... Continue Reading →

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