What’s in a Romance Novel?

Romance Novels - Why do we read them and what do we gain from reading them? There have been a lot of thoughts and questions rolling around in my mind lately. This year specifically, I've been reading a lot more romance novels than I used to. Much of my time previously had been spent reading... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week was a bit slower on the reading as I was spending a lot more time writing material, organizing things and getting a better handle on all my social media. In books this week, I finished Painting Blue Water by Leigh Fossan and posted that review yesterday. But I did not finish any other... Continue Reading →

What Kind of Romance Novel?

It's no question that the romance novel industry is booming like crazy. I am certainly no stranger to reading a few myself, but I find that I cannot read a lot of them and here's why: They all have the same basic story line Boy meets girl, someone has a problem, they fall in love... Continue Reading →

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