Book Review: Frost by C.N. Crawford

★★★★★ This was one of the fastest reads I've done in quite a while which should demonstrate how much I loved it. Paranormal romance books are a guilty pleasure of mine and this one hit all the high notes. Relatable leading characters Sense of humor Attraction off the charts I originally came across this one... Continue Reading →

Royally Revamped by Fritzi Cox

★★★★★ Royally Revamped brought along the much needed conclusion to the story of Princess Penelope and her vampire boyfriend, Vail. I loved this series so much being able to learn about the magical places in Morningwood and the Bostwick Brothers Winery where a lot of the fun takes place. But in this third installment we... Continue Reading →

Salvation by Cassie Laelyn

★★★★★ Photo by patrice schoefolt on It has been far too long since I've read a paranormal romance! I used to read a lot of vampire, shifter or witch novels and I've kind of gravitated away from it recently. Not really because I didn't enjoy them, I think I just got distracted by so... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Dark Lover by JR Ward

Title: Dark Lover Author: JR Ward Published: September 6th, 2005 Rating: 5/5 Last month, I was looking for something new to get lost in and a good friend of mine recommended the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward. I had never heard of it, but once I saw it was a vampire romance series,... Continue Reading →

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