These are simply my comments and opinions on the books that I read and sharing in our experiences here as we homeschool our children. I hope that you can enjoy the simplicity of reading and enjoying the beautiful times at home and also take something away from the things that you read here that can be applied into your everyday life and the choices that you make.

Reading has always been a great passion of mine and I hope that I can inspire others to enjoy it as much as I do. Books are a blank canvas where we can shape our minds and develop greater emotional, spiritual, and psychological growth through reading. I’ve also enjoyed my journey in motherhood and find passion in sharing our experiences and learnings with others.

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If you’re interested in having me read and review a book for you, please see my Book Review Policy.

I am also an Independent Consultant with Usborne Books and More! If you’re interested in learning more or hosting your own book party, you can reach me at here.

-Ashley Blank

and this is my… Adventures in Literature

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