Green Darkness by: Anya Seton

I recently finished this book. When my Nana moved she gave me a huge box full of all of her old books. This is one of those books. It has a plain green hard-cover and simply says “Green Darkness” on the front of it. When I acquired this book, it looked old and dusty. I checked the copyright on it and it was from the 70’s. So she had obviously had this book for a little while.

I set it  in the “to be read” pile for when I found time to get to it. (There are many books in this pile). I had a week off of class and figured it was time to pick up one of the books from this pile. Green Darkness it was.

As I started reading it, I wasn’t too impressed with anything. I’ve learned that most books have a simple lead-in and get you 1/4 of the way through the entire thing (if it’s a good book). However, I started to feel an odd resemblance to the main character Celia. She had recently gotten married and her husband was becoming very distant and would not have physical relations with her at all. In response to this she began to lash out.

As the story continues, Celia and her husband, Richard, are whisked back into time to one of their previous lives where a terrible crime was committed that they continue to deal with in each life that they come back to live. Their Hindu doctor helps to guide them through their past life as they relive the terrible event that cause a catechism between them.

This was an amazingly poetic story set in a time-frame that I absolutely love: the 1500’s. I was captivated by the scenery and life styles that everyone is living. The simplicity of the house servants and their grueling duties coupled with the knights and Lords who run the castles. All surrounding this amazingly deep love story that is taking place in two different time frames. Although the actual love story left a little to be desired, I was more captivated by the concepts behind the point of the story and the growth that the characters experienced through their entire ordeal.

I also managed to learn something more about myself and appreciate that most of all.

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