Romance Sub Genres

In the world of romance novels there are at least 7 different sub-genres. We’re going to go through them and then discuss our favorites!

Sub Genres

  1. Contemporary Romance
  2. Historical Romance
  3. Romantic Suspense
    • Novels in this category have a heavy emphasis on crime and mystery plots driving the romance in the story. I do not see these as often but if you’re a fan of thriller and mystery novels than this may be the romantic sub genre for you!
    • Examples
  4. Erotic Romance
  5. Religious/Spiritual Romance
    • Sexual content is generally very light or completely removed from these novels. The emphasis is one the spiritual development or religious congruence of a relationship.
    • Examples
  6. Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
    • In a paranormal, science-fiction or fantasy romance novel, similar elements are in these stories that you can find in the others already mentioned. The defining difference is that there is either a magical element or romance between supernatural beings.
    • Examples
  7. Young Adult Romance
    • Again, these stories also have similar frameworks of your modern contemporary romance novels but the characters are usually teenagers versus adults and the sexual content is very, very light or non-existent.
    • Examples

That sums up the major romance sub genres that are out there. Comment below on your favorite one to read and we can share reading suggestions!


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