Interview with K.M. Keeton, Author of HIS

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sharing my review of K.M. Keeton’s erotic romance novel, HIS (click here for original post). As part of Romance Week, I asked her to join us for a little chat on her own work as well as that of being a self-published author. Keeton has done a great job finding success in the self-published world of romantic novels. I hope you enjoy this interview and give her books a read!

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1. Tell our audience a little bit about your writing background and how you starting writing erotic romance novels.

I started writing before I was out of high school, but I wasn’t able to finish a project. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with peripartum cardiomyopathy that I realized life was far too short. I finished a project and published my first book a year and five months later.

As for why I write erotic romance, sometimes I feel I have very little say in the matter. I just write where the story takes me.

2. What authors or books have inspired your writing style?

Any that I’ve read. By reading I’ve learned what I like, what I don’t like, which has influenced how I want to tell my stories.

3. Why did you choose to self-publish your novels?

Rejection. Simple yet cowardly I suppose. I didn’t want someone to confirm my deepest insecurities for me to read over and over again until I gave up something I found I loved.

4. What freedoms and limitations does self-publishing come with?

Your limitations are only created by not allowing yourself to make connections, and researching the basics. Most in the indie community are willing to help and trade secrets. We’re all out to achieve the same goal, and definitely in the beginning you need the help, and who would better understand that than those that have done it?  Freedoms, you’re in complete control. There are no deadlines. There’s also no outside pressure that you didn’t yourself create.

5. Do you feel that you were able to be more “free” with your writing knowing that someone wasn’t going to scrutinize it and potentially change it?

Actually beta readers are meant for just that. So no, not free. However its most likely much less than if I had gone traditional.

6. What are some suggestions to other authors out there who are considering this route?

-Connections! Make lasting connections.

– Do not dismiss a suggestion that’s stated more than once.

– Advertise well before you publish.

7. Can you tell us about some of your upcoming projects?

I have more than I should, but I’ll tell you about the ones I last worked on.

-Sinful Duo: Second to my first book. The story is about two characters previously mentioned in Sinful Angel. Tank & Echo.

– No title: An bdsm romance for an anthology.

– Devils Sniper: It’s not an erotic romance, but a paranormal romance. A hired killer falls for a target

8. I know you work full-time as well as write, can you tell us how you balance all of your time and creativity?

It’s an incredible hard thing to do. Sometimes the two overlap, sometimes work is the only thing I’ve got energy to do, and sometime I want to lay around after work to watch a movie… forget about writing all together. Though in the end it’s as anything else you find important… somehow despite obstacles you find the time.


A big thank you to Keeton for joining us today! If you want to reach her you can find her on Instagram and Twitter!

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