Book Review: Eraser by Megan Keith #Review @adventurenlit @megnk1 #romance

I was lucky enough to win the complete Eraser series by Megan Keith through a book party I attended. This is my honest review of this book.


Title: Eraser

Author: Megan Keith

Release: September 1, 2015

Publisher: Self Published

Links: Amazon | Goodreads


Eraser: The Complete CollectionSynopsis:

He was the man with no name …
Sexy, demanding, mysterious.

From behind the bar, she knew his routine – with the lift of his finger scotch and women were his.

She knew his game and she was willing to play. Yet for Mackenzie, one encounter wasn’t enough. She was hooked and he was the drug that she craved.

He told her one night, no repeats, but Mackenzie had captured his attention. As a businessman, he wasn’t opposed to bending the rules to get deals done … but for her he might just break them.

Nothing about staking his claim on the intelligent and beautiful Mackenzie was going to be simple.

Desire and need they have, it’s honesty and trust they need to work on.

And secrets always have a way of complicating things…

PLEASE NOTE: This is the erotic Eraser Series (Volumes 1-6) combined into one paperback edition. For Mature 18+ readers, it contains explicit sex scenes.

My Review:


I wasn’t sure exactly what I was expecting from this book. When it originally came into my possession I knew it was a romance novel and I knew it contained BDSM archetypes, but I had no preconceived notions about what the story was.

From beginning to end I was captivated by both the characters and the story itself. We have two main characters: Mackenzie Reed and Sir (Nate) along with lots of amazing support characters.

Mackenzie, also known as Mack, is a waitress at a high-end cocktail bar where she loves her job, but even more so loves watching the handsome, secretive man that shows up every Friday night on cue. He sits alone in his booth and rarely speaks to anyone. He only drinks glasses of expensive alcohol and will mysteriously coo specific women to go home with him. Mack is entranced by this man and wants to know more about him. One night, he chooses her to come home with him. But this wasn’t any chance encounter and would be the undoing of both of them.

This story is filled with very mature sex scenes as well as a deep romance between our main characters that builds and develops in a very satisfying way. You’re always kept guessing as to whether or not Mack and her Sir will end up together, but you’ll just have to read it to find out.

About the Author:

I’m a married mother of three that lives in a small town in country New South Wales, Australia. I am a bookaholic and if I am not found tapping away at the laptop, you will find me hiding from the kids with my kindle in hand. My other passion is music. I love everything from indie alternative to hard rock, pop to retro, and I love to play it LOUD!

My début novel, Finding My Way is the first in a new adult romance trilogy, Crossroads being the second and New Beginnings the third book. It’s about a bunch of twenty-somethings ‘finding their way’ in love and life.

How to Liv is a stand alone adult contemporary romance about a couple of hot Aussie sweethearts that meet by chance at the local supermarket.

My Eraser series started as an erotic novella. It was later turned into a erotic romance series. The 6th and final book has recently been released. This series must be read in order. Don’t read it unless you like lots of hot and steamy sex (including BDSM) with a gorgeous, totally swoonworthy billionare.

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