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Title: Stealing Mr. Smith

Author: Tanya E. Williams

Release: September 25, 2018

Publisher: Rippling Effects Writing & Photography

Links: Amazon | Goodreads | Tanya E. Williams

Stealing Mr. Smith


“I’ve always deserved better. Nobody ever told me so. It is simply a fact I’ve always known to be true.”

After surviving the loss of both her parents – one to illness and the other to abandonment – Bernice Rosin finds herself at a South Dakota orphanage that will never feel like home. Longing for a life free of poverty and misfortune, she takes matters into her own hands, determined to secure her own happily ever after no matter the cost.

In 1948, a relocation west promises a life rich with upper class pleasantries until a naive mistake shatters both Bernice’s pride and her heart. Convinced she can still rise above her allotted station, she returns to South Dakota to calculate her options.

Desperate for a hero all her own, she singles out John Smith, a simple man with a kind heart and a gentle smile. John appears to be the perfect escape from a life fraught with disappointment. The fact that he comes with the baggage of two children and a past he seldom speaks of, has little bearing on her new obsession. Caught unprepared for such cleverness and deception, John falls right into the path of Bernice’s affection as she has set her sights on changing her last name to Smith, even if she has to steal it.

This is the second book in the series, visit my review for Part I: Becoming Mrs. Smith

My Review:0922181056a_hdr12799541.jpg

This is the second book in a series by Tanya Williams and fits in perfectly to the timeline and progression of the story. In the kick-off story, Becoming Mrs. Smith, we are introduced to Violet and John – young sweethearts that fall in love, suffer through the fear of war and eventually get their happy ending only to be torn apart again.

Now we follow the story of Bernice Rosin, a young girl who has had a difficult life filled with sorrow and she hopes to find her happy ending no matter what ends she must go to. At 10, Bernice had to help her mother as she died from a horrible sickness. After watching her own mother die in front of her eyes, her father, who can no longer care for his children, sends his two older boys to work on another local farm and sends his two young daughters to live in an orphanage.

It is no surprise that Bernice harbors tons of anger against her lot in life. But, unlike her younger sister Patty who finds happiness in her new surroundings, Bernie resents everything she has and constantly wants and expects more in her life. As she grows up and finds herself at an young capable of leaving the orphanage she heads out to make a life for herself. Soon she finds that life just keeps giving her lemons, no matter how hard she thinks she’s working to get her happy ending.

Eventually, she finds herself meeting Mr. John Smith from the first novel and falls madly in love with him. Again, she goes to the extreme to get her man, because well, she deserves it, right?

I have very mixed feelings for Bernie. I feel strongly for her and do wish her a happy ending, but the things she does to reach those areas in her life are questionable. However, who am I to judge someone’s actions when you have not walked in their shoes. As you read about Bernie, you learn to love her and want her to find happiness, but what will happen for her when her world comes crumbling down around her?

You’ll just have to read it to find out!

About the Author:

Tanya E. Williams

A writer from a young age, Tanya E Williams loves to help a reader get lost in another time, another place through the magic of books. History continues to inspire her stories and her insightfulness into the human condition deepens her character’s experiences and propels them on their journey. Ms. Williams’ favorite tales, speak to the reader’s heart, making them smile, laugh, cry, and think.

Becoming Mrs. Smith is Ms. Williams’ debut historical fiction title and the first in a three book series.

Breathe, an inspirational & photographic journey, is Tanya Williams’ first publication. Dipping her toe in the waters of book publishing, Tanya chose a project inspired by both her appreciation for her own meditation practices & her husband’s love of photography.

With the focus of being in the moment, Tanya’s words uplift, inspire, & motivate readers as they immerse themselves in beautiful & diverse images captured by David Williams.

Find her on Instagram | Twitter

Note: The author provided me a Kindle copy for my review.

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