Book Blitz and Review: Eighty-One Nights by Georgia Cates

81Eighty-One Nights
Georgia Cates
(Beautiful Illusions Duet, #1)
Publication date: April 9th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Beautiful, penniless American girl meets handsome, wealthy Scotsman.

Sounds like the beginning of a fairy-tale romance?
It’s not.

This story begins with a contract.
And an exchange of money.
A lot of money.

An angel perches nervously on one shoulder.
A devil lounges smugly on my other.
And even that dark little bastard is leery of what I’m doing.

Maxwell Hutcheson wants the girlfriend experience.
All of it.
And I’m going to give it to him.

I’m not supposed to enjoy being his whore.
I’m also not supposed to fall in love with him.
But I do. Both.

When our contract expires, I will walk away.
Because I have to.
But he’ll always have a piece of me.

I’ll mask my sorrow with a smile.
I’ll hide my love with indifference
… all while it’s killing me softly.

A fairy-tale romance.
It isn’t mine to have.
And this man I’ve come to love so dearly isn’t my happily ever after.

About Eighty-One Nights:

While the characters from Eighty-One Nights are entirely new, their storyline is a combination of fresh material and carefully selected themes, scenes, and settings from The Beauty Series, The Sin Trilogy, Dear Agony, and Indulge. This is intentional. I chose some of my favorite elements from previous releases and interjected them into Hutch and Lou’s story. Let’scall it a “story fusion” between our old favorites and new material. This work was briefly released
under a pen name and was titled The Girlfriend Experience.

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I’m standing on a platform, the wall in front of me covered with a floor-to-ceiling mirror. I feel like I should be trying on wedding dresses in a bridal boutique, waiting to say yes to the dress so that I can be jacked up with a veil and jewelry.
Cora taps the center of my back directly between my shoulder blades. “Stop slouching.”
She walks down the steps of the platform and looks up at me. “What is your European shoe size?”
“Valerie, bring the seventy-five-millimeter black peep toes in her size.”
Good Lord. This woman has an assistant for everything, even shoe fetching.
“We’ll begin your stride training with lower heels and work our way up to the higher ones.”
Cora is short like me, but you don’t notice until you look at her tall heels and see that four inches of her height can be attributed to her shoes.
Valerie returns and places the black pumps on the floor in front of me.
“Louboutins.” I didn’t intend for that to come out. And I definitely didn’t mean for it to sound so covetous.
“I understand. You’ve never had shoes like these, but your closet is about to be filled with countless pairs like them along with designer clothing and handbags. You represent Inamorata. You represent me. It’s crucial that you always look your best, but your job right now is to be my student. Listen to me and you’ll learn how to entertain some of the wealthiest and most influential men in Scotland.”
That’s a frightening thought.
“You aren’t at all concerned that your clients won’t like me?”
“You’re going to be a polished gem when I finish with you. No part of you will be unlikable.”
I’m pretty sure that she’s wrong about that.
“Not everyone loves Americans.” I’ve lived in Scotland for six years, but I still consider myself American—my first sixteen years were spent there.
“Inamorata clients are going to love that about you. You’re a different flavor from my other girls.”
I hear what she’s saying, but I look at myself in the mirror and can’t imagine any high-class Scotsman who would be willing to pay big bucks for my company. I’m nobody.
“What’s wrong, Caitriona?”
“I’m afraid.”call it a “story fusion” between our old favorites and new material. This work was briefly released
under a pen name and was titled The Girlfriend Experience.

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georgiaAuthor Bio:
Georgia Cates is the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author of The Beauty Series. She resides in Mississippi with her husband and two daughters. Please visit for additional information.
Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

My Review:

This story broke my heart. Let’s start there. 
Well written to the point that I was so emotionally invested in these characters that I was devastated when Georgia left me hanging with one of those endings that leaves you without closure. 

Let’s back track here for a second. We start off with the story of Lou. She’s a money-pressed American girl living in Scotland. Her family has all but abandoned her and she needs money to finish her college education which she’s extremely close to finishing. Her friend Rachel tells her about this new gig she’s got as being a girl-for-hire (not the sex kind, but you certainly can be if you want to). Lou decides to check it out and gets hired as one as well.

Now let’s discuss Maxwell, or Hutch, as he later goes by. He’s been scorned and he’s a widower. All he wants is to feel romance and attraction again, but without all the emotional investment. He decides to hire a summer girlfriend and this is how Lou and Hutch meet one another.

Their attraction, connection and overall relationship grows intense quickly over the course of their arrangement. After spending 81 nights together they have both done the unthinkable, they fell for one another. BUT… then something happens. 

And like I started with… I was freaking devastated. Now I have to wait for the next release to know what happens… 

I hope you love Lou and Hutch as much as I did and also enjoy their AMAZING sex while you’re at it. 😉

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