A Thoughtful Kind of Thursday

As it is Thursday, I want to try and take these days to recap the week’s activities and share with you all what I have going on and also the fun things you can look forward to!

Some of the big wins for me this week:

  • Confirmed collaboration with Sudio headphones
  • Was accepted as an Amazon influencer
  • Settling into an IGTV understanding
  • Lined up several upcoming ARCs and Tours

What does all this mean for my readers? A LOT!! I am going to be able to really improve what I share with you all here by incorporating more new releases, early book information and reviews, discount codes for amazing new products and helping share the stuff I love most directly with you all!

I’m really excited about where all this is going down the road and I hope you’ll all be on this journey with me!

Next week will be bringing a whole new level of content and information so stay tuned.

What are some things you would like to see more of from me?

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