Book Review: Heartless Hero by Mary C. Gebhard

5/5 Stars

I already knew the torture I was going to endure with this book. Being familiar with now Gebhard’s writing style and penchant for writing stories that obliterate your heart, I already knew what to expect.

Heartless Hero was no exception to her writing rule and had me damn hear tears several times through this story. This is the first book in her Crowne Point Series that is all about the three siblings of the Crowne family. They are the richest and most admired family around.

This particular book is about the youngest sibling, Abigail. She’s the one sibling that never really fit into this family and their non-chalant ways of staying distanced from showing love. She always just wanted to be loved and feel like her family wanted her.

She found Theo when she was a young girl and he was a poor boy living on the streets. She took him off the streets and into her home, where they became best friends and nearly lovers. After heart break and betrayal separated them, it’s now 5 years later and they’re both very different people.

But the attraction is there; the need is there; and so is still all the lies and betrayal. This is a story that will remind you what it feels like to desire a love you can never have, to want a family that never wanted you, and how to let it all go. If you want the real prize.

Gebhard is my new favorite romance author and I’ve said this before. She writes in a way that speaks deep down into your soul, draws out all of your inner insecurities and puts them on display in a way only she knows how to do. Does she put you back together when all is said and done? Yes, but there’s a lot of pain to wade through to get your Happily Ever After.

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