Mini Review: Brayshaw Series by Meagan Brandy

If you haven’t heard of the Brayshaw series by Meagan Brandy by now, then you definitely need to check it out. It was really a chance encounter that I came across it at all. I’m a big fan of Mary C. Gebhard’s writing and a little while back she made a big announcement that her and Brandy were going to be collaborating on a crossover series. That made me go get this series out and it did not disappoint.

Brayshaw is currently a 4-book series with book 5 coming out this Fall. See below for my quick mini reviews of each book in this series up to this point and a glimpse at the new release coming this Fall.

Boys of Brayshaw High

Boys of Brayshaw High – We’re introduced to the elite ruling class that is the Brayshaw boys, but when the new “group home girl” Raven comes to town, everything changes. She doesn’t care what anything thinks, will throw down and fight whoever and is actually pretty bad ass about it. Her closeness with the boys grows and they’re struggling to come to terms with trusting each other. Solid start to the series.

Trouble at Brayshaw High

Trouble at Brayshaw High – This one continues right after the first and goes deeper in to the Brayshaw world, it’s family history and how they are all tied together whether they realize it or not. Loyalties are tested, people are hurt and so much is happening. Character growth was a huge part of this one.

Reign of Brayshaw

Reign of Brayshaw – This one was a little slower than the first two in terms of sexiness, but made up for that in its raw emotion. I found myself emotionally beat up in this one because there was so much turmoil from the first two books that culminates in this one. Characters are tested and trials are had that no one would have seen coming.

Be My Brayshaw

Be My Brayshaw – I wanted to love this one with my entire heart but there were so many things about the plot and how it got to where it did that I struggled to keep up with the intended emotional intensity and kind of went along for the ride.

Coming This Fall…

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