Book Review: Color Me Pretty by B. Celeste

Color Me Pretty by B. Celeste

Color Me Pretty is as artistically written as the cover feels. The painting of a struggling ballerina that’s teetering on her rails, about to fall apart, but can she stand tall? Can she embrace who she was meant to be? This is easily my favorite read of 2020 and I’m going to tell you why.

Celeste is a masterful writer and one that emphasizes the struggles of people; deep struggles that live within the soul and are difficult to talk about, let alone write entire novels about them. This is not your ordinary romance novel that focuses on pretentious attraction and lewd sex scenes. While I love those stories when I’m in the mood for them, this book has all the aspects of pure literature within it, leaving your heart sated with a romance that means everything to someone.

Then paint us how you see us. Scarred. Broken. Beautiful. Make it real, because reality fucking hurts, Della.

Color Me Pretty, B. Celeste, p. 130

Filled with richly written characters that have unique backgrounds and special quirks about them; a plot that focuses more on emotional struggles of people and how they see themselves, how they see others and how they live their lives. This is a story about Adele and Theo.

Adele has known Theo her entire life. Theo is her father’s best friend but was also the caretaker of sweet Della as she grew up as the daughter of a New York Governor who may not have always been able to dedicate the time needed to his little girl. Over the course of their lives, these two have exchanged endearing moments and grown together. Now that Della is twenty-two years old, graduating college, suffering from a self-image and eating disorder after a lifetime in ballet with body expectations, she is facing a cross roads.

Theo is a forty-something year old that runs a massive marketing firm, was best friend’s with Della’s deceased father and is extremely close with her entire family. He struggles internally with his attraction for Della because while she’s a grown woman now, he cared for her like a daughter much of her childhood. Those demons plague him and he withstands his desire to want her as a strong, independent woman because he fears what other people will think of him.

You’ve loved her in a thousand different ways. That kind of love is the well-rounded story people want. You don’t only see her as some young girl who looks up to you. You see her for what she grew into. You’re supportive and protective and willing to do anything for her, just like her parents would have wanted.

Color Me Pretty, B. Celeste, p. 296

The feelings Della and Theo have for each other have morphed and matured over time and now their is a deep longing they have for one another that they fight against, but the time will come when they have to face those fears and either embrace their love for each other regardless of the skeptics in their lives or walk away from each other completely.

One of the most soul enriching reads I have had in my hands this year, it reminded me that hope is always around every corner, love can be found anywhere and we just have to hold on to what’s most important to us. If we’re not true to ourselves, no one else will do it for us.

About The Author

B. Celeste’s obsession with forbidden romance enabled her to pave a path into a new world of raw, real, and emotional stories.

Her debut novel is The Truth about Heartbreak.

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