Tour and Book Review: Half Truths by Rachael Brownell

  • Title: Half Truths
  • Author: Rachael Brownell
  • Genre: An Opposites Attract Romance
  • Cover Designer: Pink Ink Designs
  • Publication Date: August 17th, 2020
  • Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


All-American boy meets broken girl… at rehab?

It will never work.

How could it?

Alex is Chicago royalty. Harley considers herself Las Vegas trash. While he’s been handed everything his entire life, she scrapes to make ends meet. Still, the chemistry between them is undeniable. Both long to break free from the stereotypes of their upbringing and embrace each moment together. Yet, neither are ready to share all of who they are.

Their secrets.

Their fears.

Their bitter realities.

Does their budding relationship stand a chance under a blanket of secrecy? Or will owning their truth set them free?

Adventures in Literature Review

I gladly took my time reading this one. Absorbing and appreciating the slow-burn story between Alex and Harley that was beautifully written.

Alex is a rich boy from Chicago, the son of a real estate magnate and expected to follow in the family foot steps. But when Alex returns from college and finds his little sister overdosing on drugs and his mother and father won’t acknowledge her drug problem. He takes it upon himself to sneak her across the country to southern CA and check her into a rehab facility where his sister’s counselor, Harley, is like no one Alex has ever met.

Harley keeps her lies close and her truths buried deep. She won’t let anyone into her life for risk of her past and that of the little boy, Phoenix, she takes care of. They have been on the run for a few years, hiding from a dangerous past, but her attraction to Alex has her questioning letting down all her barriers. But she takes too much pride in her job and her first responsibility is to her patient Daphne, Alex’s little sister.

A beautiful story about how lies brought together two people who were perfect for one another, but facing those lies and exposing the truths puts them both at risk. How far will you go to have real love? Will you expose everything you’ve been afraid of? Or will you walk away.

I adored the characters in this story, relating very closely with Harley. Coming from a family that chose drugs over responsibilities in more cases than one, I know what that pain feels like. Watching how strong she is and how she’s overcome those pains, I can appreciate that as well. It’s never an easy road and letting people in when you fear being hurt, is always a challenge. The little boy Phoenix, while a supporting character, brings out important traits in both Alex and Harley.

This is a beautiful and timeless love story that should be cherished and read thoroughly; appreciated for its depth and heart-aching pathway to finding love. 

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Author Bio:

Rachael Brownell is an award-winning romance author. She resides in the midwest with her husband, son, and fur-babies. A morning person at heart, Rachael is a coffee addict who enjoys writing characters readers can connect with. She’s also known for placing those same characters in situations that will make you feel like you’re right there with them, going through the experience. 

To stay connected with Rachael, stalk her on social media, join her reader group or sign up for her newsletter.

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