Cover Re-Reveal: Imperfectly Perfect Series by Lym Cruz

Imperfectly Perfect Series

  • Author: Lym Cruz
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Cover Design: Antonette, Teased By Antonette Designs

#1 Flawed

Flawed, I am.

Cracks, I have and they run deep.

But I refuse to accept that I’m damaged.

Six years ago, I turned my life around; moved to a new country, and started from fresh leaving behind the demons and shame that once haunted me. Forgetting the worst moment of my life was impossible but without constant reminders, it was easy to pretend that it never happened.

But then a man surfaced out of the ashes and awoke all those memories from where they’d been stowed. In an instant, the walls I built around myself started crumbling and I was forced to face the past I wanted so hard to forget. But would he be able to pick up the broken pieces, or would I lose my chance at true love?


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#2 Rejected

They always say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what happens when your brain is set on lying to you every time you look in the mirror?

The thing about emotional pain is that it leaves invisible scars. 

No one sees them but you. 

No one feels them but you. 

But those scars can be traced by the gentlest of touch and I found that touch in the form of a man. He didn’t heal me, but his love changed me.

The start of our relationship was … intense. Why? Well, because that same man rejected me years ago and he didn’t even remember. I was invisible to him.

Now his heart beats for me and mine for him. Our souls are entwined in a way that would never be separated, but this almost perfect man has a secret that could alter the course of our lives forever.




Free in Kindle Unlimited


Wounded – Releasing October 27



Lym Cruz is a Contemporary Romance Author who strives to create heartfelt novels and short stories.

Her stories revolve around strong, but imperfect heroes and heroines, both struggling to find love in the face of adversity, and that’s what makes them relatable.

Fall madly in Love with your next characters by simply reading one of her stories.

When Lym is not reading or writing, she spends her time with her family. She considers them, her greatest accomplishment.


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