Thick As Thieves by Julie Olivia


A Standalone Romantic Comedy

Release Date: September 17th, 2020

New York City romance, frenemies-to-lovers, slow burn

Some people have a voice for radio, but I must have a fanny for infidelity. This is why I bought a one-way ticket from London to New York and decided to ignore all men forever. And then I meet Owen.

Owen holds all the red flags I can’t resist: mysterious and handsome, sarcastic with a clever smile… Plus, he works in tech like I do? Here’s my knickers, good sir.

But, a few cybersecurity breaches at my job means I don’t have time for anything, especially not a classic New York City romance. The bad part is I think the break-ins are coming from the same source. The worst part is that Owen is quickly stealing my heart.

The more time I spend with mysterious, handsome Owen, the more I wonder if maybe he’s the man I’ve been looking for all along. And unfortunately for me, I think that statement might be true in more ways than one.

Adventures in Literature Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If I could give a character award out, I think I would be nominating Fran from Thick As Thieves. She is the epitome of what I consider a strong female character. Her relationship experiences have left her hurt and hateful towards people, which is completely understandable. All of her past boyfriends ended up cheating on her and it left her with a very painful edge to her that she wears constantly. This is confidently displayed from the moment she meets Owen at the furniture shop and is immediately curious of why such a handsome man would even be bothering with her. Fran’s constant questioning and challenging of Owen and his intentions, just attracts Owen that much more.

Fran helped me remember why I love being a woman and why it’s completely acceptable to be curious of others and their intentions. After so many bad experiences, it makes it very difficult to trust people with that open door kind of policy. But Fran does it in such a way that she’s not off-putting in an aggressive way, but an endearing way.

Owen on the other hand is a sexy hunk of open book. Except for that little secret he IS keeping from everyone. But time will not be on his side there. His goal right now is to win over the elusive and gorgeous Fran and help remind her that she is worth loving and that he wants to be the one to do that.

Their comedic dynamics made this read incredibly quick and such a lovely story that I had a hard time putting it down when I absolutely knew I had to. Getting lost in the world of Fran and Owen that’s filled with shots and quips at one another while simultaneously flirting and enjoying each other was just too much fun for my own good.

Another intriguing element about this particular story is that there is an amazing supporting character. Lara. The old lady that lives down the hall from Fran and who kind of just invites herself into Fran’s life without and question. She shows up at odd times, she butts in when she’s not invited and the old bitty LOVES her nature documentaries. What book doesn’t need this kind of an awesome support character? I adored Lara so much. I want me very own old lady neighbor that invites herself in and constantly makes me borderline uncomfortable with humor.

If you love a solid romantic comedy, this is one you’ll want to get your hands on. My first read of Olivia’s and it certainly won’t be my last!

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