Review: Into The Clear Water by B. Celeste

Into The Clear Water by B. Celeste

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Piper’s life experiences have convinced her that true love doesn’t actually exist. Having to endure being in love with her childhood best friend Danny and always holding onto the belief that they would eventually end up together, life had different plans for them both. When I read this book, I could feel her despair and loneliness through each page. Most of her actions and demeanor are clear that she is just trying to get through each day and nothing really matters to her other than raising this little girl she’s been given and getting through her college courses to graduation.

As Piper, Danny and their band of close friends grew up, Danny fell in love with someone else, got married and had a child. Piper dedicated much of her life to being there for Danny and his family, even with her deep feelings for him, all while watching their happiness and having her happily ever after crumble apart. It was hard to read about this for her; feeling her pain bleed through the pages and into your own heart. Danny was the only man she ever loved and when she couldn’t even have him, she subconsciously convinced herself that she couldn’t love or be loved by anyone. The despair related to this was a big piece of her character development and what drags you through this beautiful angst-filled story.

When Danny’s wife died and then Danny himself died, Piper was their daughter’s Godmother and was given custody of Ainsley. Again, Piper set aside her life to dedicate to caring for Danny and his memory. Struggling to survive day in and day out, Piper struggles to know who she is, what she wants in life and how to manage being a mother to Danny’s daughter.

Life is a funny thing that way. Enter the two men in her life that start to clear the muddy waters she’s been drowning in and provide her with a life raft to save herself. Easton Wyatt is her room mate, paying rent and running a tattoo shop seemingly the only things he does. But his endearing behavior and sentiments with Piper and the little girl Ainsley will warm your heart and make you love him as much as I did. Easton is quiet and secretive and it’s hard to tell what he wants in his own life or with Piper and Ainsley. But their casual sexual relationship bodes that there is more to their relationship than just being roomies. I loved Easton so much; his quiet and angsty demeanor leave you wanting so much more from him, but he just doesn’t give anything back. He watches, observes and cares for people from the background. He’s supportive in a way that many people cannot even fathom.

Then we have Carter Ford. The much older friend of Danny and Jess (Piper’s half-brother) who they also grew up with. He disappeared years ago before Danny passed away and Piper’s life changed forever. He shows back up as a college professor at the very school where Piper is finishing her program. They re-connect as friends and also as maybe a little more. Even as the family friend and crush that Piper had as a much younger girl, the attraction is there and his supportive personality moves Piper in ways she hasn’t felt in a long time.

Combining her experiences with both men creates an awakening for Piper that brings her up out of the muddy waters and into the clear water. She sees who shes truly is and what she wants in life. I absolutely loved watching her go through this transformation and claim what she wants. Even if it might be her undoing, she puts her heart out there and finds out what love really feels like. Her love for Ainsley, her love for Easton, her love for Carter and even the elusive love she felt for Danny. When everything starts to become clear, Piper finally starts living.

About the Author:

B. Celeste

B. Celeste’s obsession with all things forbidden and taboo enabled her to pave a path into a new world of raw, real, emotional romance.

Her debut novel is The Truth about Heartbreak.


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