November Updates – Reading, Writing and More

It feels like October slipped by in a wink; without any thought for those of us here, it had arrived and then vanished just as quickly. I expect November to be much the same but there are several lessons I took from the month of October.

You Can Read Too Much

I read approximately 13 books in the month of October, which is about a book every two days, roughly. It’s exhausting and it burnt me out. But I had done it to myself by getting a little over zealous about the new releases coming and I had signed up for far too many tours and blitzes.

Ending up with a full calendar of books, I prepared myself for a busy month and knew what I was going to be walking into. Although it was completely exhausting, I found some amazing new authors that I fell in love with.

Support Your Favorite Authors

Throughout the month of October, even though I was reading a ton, I found some amazing new friends in the author community. These are authors whose writing spoke deep into my soul and is something I can’t unfeel. That’s why I made it a point to join a few Street Teams specifically to help get the message out about their books because it meant so much to me.

Don’t Forget to Write

I’m making it a personal goal of mine to write more for my readers. Book Review, cover reveals and general tours are all important and I’ll continue supporting the authors and companies that mean a lot to me. But I’ve really narrowed down my scope and will be sharing things I’ve learned about the community, about improving your #Bookstagram or what ever might be important at that point.

I might even start writing my own short stories again and sharing those with you as well. All I know is that I’m going to be much more selective on what I share and that it means something to me and ultimately to my readers.

Let me know in the comments below how your past month has been and what you want to challenge yourself with.

What are some things you want to improve in your life and what are things you want to learn more about?

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