Two For One: Short Holiday Romances Sure To Heat You Up

We are most certainly in the holiday season and I’m continuing my holiday reading adventure with two short stories that are part of the Hot For The Holidays collection! Take a look at these two fun and quick holiday romances and get your self in the mood for love!

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Merry in Mykonos by Aurora Paige

Zoey and Gavin are too cute together! After a terrible experience during her wedding day, Zoey quickly realizes that her fiance isn’t the man she expected him to be and the wedding is called off. But she’s still got her tickets for the honeymoon trick Mykonos and now her old flame Gavin will be joining her. Let’s just say things quickly heat up in this holiday novella that’s sure to get you in the Christmas mood!

Featuring a curvy main character that brings cultural diversity to the main stage, this is a wonderful read for those that want to diversify the characters they read about. I loved how cute Zoey and Gavin were in this story and it pairs so well with the other short stories in this holiday collection!

Christmas in Cayman by Kara Kendrick

Noel and Dare were the perfect story for this holiday season! A second chance, enemies to lovers scenario that I always adore when I read romance novels. Noel just wants to get away from the cold of New York for Christmas, but her best friend is too sick to come and sends her decade-old heart throb ex to go instead!

Some serious drama for Noel and Dare as they dated a long time ago and things were kind of left unresolved. But the holidays have a funny way of helping people see what’s important. This short novella is part of an entire holiday collection and Kendrick’s sweet and savory writing will bring you all the romantic feels you’re looking for in a quick-to-read romance.

The characters are relatable, sincere and fallible in all the right ways!

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