Christmas of White by K.D. Elizabeth

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An ARC copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As you all know, I’ve been reading a TON of holiday romances this season and this was another in that list of amazing holiday reads. I’m actually a part of the author’s ARC and Review team. All of her books that I’ve read bring a level of emotion to her stories that I adore.

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Christmas of White was another amazing story in her Bright Series, this being the third one, and I think might be my favorite of the series. This is the story of small-town teacher Julia Elton who teaches second grade. One of her students Cole, has been coming to school for a few days without his winter coat during snow season and she’s a little concerned about how he’s being parented. Never having met Cole’s family, she makes it a point to take him home one day after school to approach the family about his well being.

But what she finds is a very well put together single father whose only focus is on the well being of his son. There is an immediate confrontation between Buck (Cole’s father) and Julia. While being instantly attracted to one another, their argument gets out of control throwing blame this way and that and she leaves. As she’s leaving his home she has a car accident and is hurt. When Buck finds out that their argument ended in this way, he makes it a point to convince her to stay with them for the weekend since she lives all alone and after a car accident of that nature she should be monitored.

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These events all lead into the full story of how two people overcome the awkwardness of immediate attraction and how they navigate having a relationship when there might be a conflict of interest because Julia is Buck’s sons teacher.

Regardless of details what you’ll want to know is that this story feels deeply and intensely REAL. All of the characters are magnificently fleshed out, detailed and you feel for them. The loss that everyone in this story has experienced that creates a synchronicity between them all was so well written I found myself lost in their world completely.

Buck is protective and caring about those close to him, Julia is scared to let anyone close because everyone in her life has either passed away or left her. Then you have Cole at the center of their relationship who brings them both back to the reality of their situation and keeps them focused on how happy they could all be.

It’s the perfect mixture of all of the feelings you want to experience around the holidays and remembering what’s important in life.

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Christmas of White (The Bright Series Book 3) by [K.D. Elizabeth]

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