Silk + Sonder April Planning

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April Is an Important Month For Me

I couldn’t have been more ecstatic when my April planner from Silk + Sonder arrived the other day! I’ve been stressing like a maniac over getting my head straight lately and finding time for myself in the craziness that is work from home and home schooling. So it was a huge relief when this arrived. Not to mention all my kids birthdays and my husbands fall in about 4 weeks of each other.

CRAZY Right?!

That means there is a lot of organizing to do for me this month and next month – but it’s also important for me to sit down and find a quiet moment to think about the things I do to take care of my own health.

Having just started using these planners last month, I can tell you they’re not just a lovely surprise each month when they arrive in the mail, but they alternate the layouts and points of focus each month as well so as to give you a fresh perspective and ability to focus on different aspects of self care that you might not even think about. Here’s a little look at some of the layouts in the April Edition: Freedom

Knowing what habits you want to improve on makes all the difference.

Over the next few days I’ll start filling out the baselines of all the items I want to track this month so that I’m ready when the first of the month comes around. It’s incredibly important to start with finding some time to sit and really think about what you want to focus on by writing out and answering the prompts. These will help you get into your head space. That’s what I like to call the place where I find my inner focus and determination.

That way, once the new month starts, I already have my game plan together and then it’s just tracking things to make sure I’m keeping up with where I want to be as well as using the daily trackers to keep notes and updates on how I’m progressing or what challenges I might be running into.

At the end of each week I’ll review how that week went and make notes for the following week on things I might want to change so that I can be more productive or improve my mood if I was struggling with stress or something like that. These are just some of the simple ways I make the Silk + Sonder planner work well for me.

Plus they’re absolutely gorgeous to look at! The unique monthly floral designs match perfectly with my happy places and provide that comforting feeling when I’m planning out my days.

What is Silk + Sonder??

SILK + SONDER is the first ever monthly planning experience aimed to empower you to live the life you’ve always wanted. Inspired by a new theme every month, we hand-curate, design, and deliver each issue straight to your doorstep. 

Each month’s issue includes a blend of productivity and planning, introspection and mindfulness, and lifestyle content. Over time, we are committed to understanding your unique preferences and motivations to provide you with the most authentic experience as well as the opportunity to start afresh, every month. 

How Do You Plan? What Do You Use?

I want to hear from you on all the ways you keep yourself organized! Even if it’s entirely with post-it notes, like my friend Kara does. Doesn’t matter! Let me know in the comments tips and tricks you’ve learned about how to stay organized!

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6 responses to “Silk + Sonder April Planning”

  1. Wow, what nice looking spreads to plan on. I myself just use a journal for everything. To-do lists, monthly trackers, all the bells and whistles, without the bells and whistles. I just write things down uglily, lol. Thanks for this post, btw!

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    • Hey Stuart, thanks for the comment! I do a lot of my quick planning in much the same way where I use a regular bullet notebook to keep track of all my notes as the day goes on and then my more organized planners to lay everything out. Repetition is the best way to remember, right? haha!


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