Choose Your Man of the Month

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A Completely Unique Series

Hello romance readers! If you haven’t heard of this new series, then pay attention because it’s very different than anything else you’re used to! As we know, most series are released all at the same time with a collection of stories by several different authors. But this series, Man of the Month, brings you a new novella based in the same small town – Starlight Bay – every single month by a new author!

Each story is a quick read that you can consume in an afternoon if you’re so inclined and they’re only $0.99 each which for me is a STEAL! I usually read the new month’s release right away and make sure I have the next one on pre-order so I don’t forget to do it, because life gets in the way and I would totally forget. But then on the first of each month, I get that little notification from Amazon letting me know my new book is there!

Get to know each Man of the Month! Which one do you like most?

As many of you know, I work as a personal assistant for a handful of authors and they are part of this series so it does sit close to my heart. Stop on by the Man of the Month – Reader Group over on Facebook and get to know all the amazing ladies writing each months’ book as well as get involved in the small town life of Starlight Bay in a way that no other series can offer you!

So far, January through April has been released, but there are still EIGHT more releases that you can join in on the fun with as the year goes on. These ladies are all pretty awesome and even do regular giveaways so you may just end up with one or more of these books GIFTED to you!

Monthly Releases: Shop the Books!

Welcome to the Man of the Month Club! We hope you love book boyfriends because you can meet a new Starlight Bay hottie on the first of every month. So mark your calendars now to celebrate the year and all the holidays with us in Starlight Bay!

January: New Year’s Renovations by Kara Kendrick

February: Swiping Right by Poppy Parkes 

March: Pi Means Forever by Layne Daniels

April: Some Bunny to Love by Allie Logan

May: Let’s Taco ‘Bout Love by Kat Baxter

June: Single Dad Dilemma by Eve London

July: Stars and Sparks Forever by Kara Kendrick

August: Sizzling Summer by Eva Winners

September: Beards and Books by Heather Lauren

October: Jack O’Lover by Eva Winners

November: All About That Baste by Pixie Chica

December: Jingle on the Bay by Aurora Paige

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