Tell Me Why It’s Wrong by B. Celeste

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Are you a fan of Rockstar romances? How about one that focuses a lot more on the emotional and personal dynamics of Rockstar’s behind the scenes? Then you’ll love this one!

This was the perfect heart warming story that I needed! Garrick and Rylee were better in print than I ever could have imagine. When I first met Garrick in “Tell Me When It’s Over”, I never thought my heart could love him the way I do. He puts on a tough exterior but inside those walls, is one strong man and a loving individual who just wants to help people. He knows what it’s like to struggle and he doesn’t like to see others hurting.

”I lock up when a cold tongue drags across my cheek until a hot breath caresses my ear and one single sultry word is whispered in it. “Mine.”

Tell Me Why It’s Wrong, B. Celeste

Rylee’s character was amazing because she really just owns who she is and does everything she can do follow her dreams. Living with a chronic condition and carrying the weight of everyone around her always sacrificing themselves to help her, she wants to live on her own and take care of herself. So when Garrick offers his hand to help her, it’s really hard for her to take that hand.

The slow and gentle pace of this story sets a perfect tone and mood for leisurely reading that you can enjoy and let your heart swell with their experience. There really wasn’t as much angst as I’m used to with Celeste novels which was perfectly fine, even though my heart kept waiting for it. It’s really a tenderly emotional read that had me appreciating all the little things in life and remembering what we as people should be doing more of for others. Being there for those people in our lives and listening to those we care about.

Rylee and Garrick were an amazing couple and I can’t wait for more people to read their story and fall in love with them as well.

Get the book today and enjoy Tell Me Why It’s Wrong!

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I was twenty-one when I first met the sarcastic Australian rock star that took the world by storm with his witty charm.

Twenty-two when I wrote a viral tabloid article on his bandmate to pay for the medicine that I needed for life.

Twenty-three when I realized my dream job in California was destroying every moral I was raised to believe in.

Twenty-four when I accepted that I might have to give up my west coast dreams to return home and admit defeat.

And twenty-five when the lead singer of Violet Wonders comes crashing back into my life with an offer I’d be stupid to refuse.

When he asks me to marry him, I think it’s a cruel joke to get back at me for everything I put his band through. But a signed marriage certificate gets us both benefits. He gets the press off his back, and I get health insurance and a place to stay.

But the world doesn’t know the real Garrick Matthews like I do, and it’s impossible not to fall for the man behind the charade. We agree to stay together for two years before going our separate ways and never looking back.

Unfortunately for me, it only takes months before I realize I love the man who will undoubtedly break my heart when all is said and done.

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