When You’re a Prisoner of Time

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Title: Everless | Evermore

Author: Sara Holand

Publication Date: 2018

Book Review

I had been meaning to read these books for a really long time and over the last few months I’ve made a concerted effort to relocate books that have been on my shelves for a really long time and commit to reading them. This duology was one of those things. First, let’s talk about Everless.


The premise of this book focuses on the lore and kingdom of Everless. This kingdom rules through the power of blood and the time contained in people’s blood and their lifespan.

The main character is a coming-of-age girl named Jules who lived at the palace as a child, but her and her father had to flee after an accident. Hard pressed for money and struggling to survive, she must return to Everless for a servant job even though her father says she shouldn’t.

So many things unfold in this story and I love how well Holland presented certain characters that you wanted to love but turned out to be horrifying individuals. I love it when an author can do this!

The first book in this duology really settles in and focuses in on the lore behind the story. As a reader, you follow Jules around and learn information as she learns it, which means you are constantly surprised by things as they come apart. Her main love interest, the young prince Roan, was a total loser but I can see why she was love struck by him. Roan was the kingdom’s lover boy and he seemed to get around a little too much, although Holland does a superb job keeping this implied rather than saying it straight out.

But then there is the angry and dark older brother than has always frightened Jules and come on. who doesn’t love a bad boy every once a while? 😉 Book 1 is left on a cliff hanger and you’ll be ready to dive into the next one right away!


Book 2 really digs into the meat and potatoes of the lore behind the Alchemist and the Sorceress that we learn about in Book 1. This lore is what drives the entire story and the reason the kingdom of Everless is in such a state right now. The history says that the Alchemist stole the Sorceresses heart and that they have been chasing one another down for centuries – an eternal enemies kind of dynamic.

I’ll admit that I really loved the lore and the magical story of what brought the kingdom to where it is today. But the unfolding of everything felt kind of devoid of emotion. It was intense at times when Jules was having reflective moments, but otherwise kind of felt like she would be perpetually chasing these fleeting memories. I can’t say too much because it gives the story away. But I felt very bored throughout the second half of this one.

The conclusion does an amazing job of wrapping up everything and leaves you satisfied with how every one makes out or ends up. But again, it just felt lifeless. Almost as if everyone had expelled so much energy through Book 1 and 2 trying to find answers, that they just kind of laid down and took a nap to finish this one out.

Generally speaking I enjoyed these books greatly, but would I find myself re-reading them to visit the land of Everless again? Probably not. Would I recommend these to YA Fantasy fans? Absolutely. The story is well done and the characters are well rounded with flaws. But if you’re looking for an epic adventure, you’re not going to find that with these. You’ll enjoy the emotional adventure and finding answers.

Thankfully they’re a quick read and worth checking out!

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