Caffeine & Legends June Box: World Between Realms

Are you a subscriber to any book boxes? I’ve tried out several of them and they’re fun for a few months but I usually get bored of them or the cost comparison to my enjoyment of the box starts to wan. But when it comes to Caffeine & Legends I’ve been going strong with for 6 months now and I have to say they’ve got the right combination for what I want out of a monthly arrival.

Each month you get a surprise fantasy novel, coffee or tea (depending on which one you choose), and then a small surprise to go along with the novel you’ll be reading. While I absolutely love their books choices each month, it’s really the ability to try out so many different and great coffees that make this box a great fit for me.

My June box arrived and I recently dug into all the exciting things that came in this month’s box.

June’s Theme: World Between Realms

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of secrets, magic and mystery? This month’s box has everything you need to enjoy a little mystery, sip on some amazing summer themed coffee and spend some time putting together the tiniest little jigsaw puzzle!

Included in this month’s box:

  • A Master of Djinn by P. Djeli Clark
  • Summer Breeze Coffee from Fidalgo Coffee Roasters
  • A custom puzzle from MicroPuzzles tailored just for this box

I am actually really excited for this book because I love reading steampunk but I have a hard time finding novels that really fit this theme and seem worth the time to read. Cassie over at Caffeine & Legends does a truly amazing job at finding the most unique and interesting books to read!

See the full unboxing here:

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