The Basics of Homeschool on a Budget

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When you were little, did you enjoy school?

All three of our kids are homeschool and we’re on our THIRD year of it and loving it!

They get so much more flexibility to learn what they want to, along with the basics of course, but also get the time they need to focus on areas they may need more attention in.

We’ve really come to love the Spectrum curriculum from Carson Dellosa because it teaches them all the basics and has a really great format for education. With a 4th grader, 1st grader and our little 3 year old supervisor, we really have our hands full but we love learning together.

PLUS some of it is self-guided for my oldest and I can get some reading done while he studies. WIN-WIN!

If you’re just starting out with homeschool or trying to get your bearings with it after the last few years of your kids being in and out of it, then I highly recommend looking into the Spectrum curriculum. They have options for every grade and a wide selection of subject topics to choose from depending on how you want to structure it. Not to mention that most of the books are Prime items on Amazon meaning you can get them really quickly if you need to!

But we think our kids need much more than just their textbooks and we’re big supporters of a STEAM approach. So we have a day or two each week dedicated to Computer Science as well. Our 4th Grader is using the CodaKid programming lessons to learn how to build Roblox games and our 1st Grader uses for some self guided typing as well as math and reading games!

For our kids, we get the essentials: Math, Science and English/Reading then we sprinkle in some other topics like History and Sight Words as a few examples.

Setting up your homeschool shouldn’t be a stress magnet. There are SO many simple options out there that won’t break the bank and are easy for anyone to manage the instruction for!

What are some things you’ve seen or used in your own home for self-guided education?

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