Madison Park Greeting Cards

I feel like I’m aging myself a little here because this is something that I kind of watched change over the course of my life so far already. Even though I’m only in my thirties, I just don’t see many people send cards through the mail anymore. So much of life is spent online and through social media, that I wanted to take a minute to share these gorgeous greeting cards that I am going to be sending out.

Sometimes I feel like the excitement of getting and sending mail through the postal office is becoming more of an anomaly nowadays. I always loved writing up Thank You cards and Holiday cards to send out to family and friends.

But even more so, I always loved to get them in the mail. The excitement of a little card in the mailbox that you just know is a friendly hello or Happy Holidays.

Which is why I’m so excited to share with you all these adorable cards I found over at Madison Park Greeting Cards – the two I am sharing today are the kinds you send out as a reminder to friends or family that they are important to you or that you’re there for them. These cards are just gorgeous and can go a long way in making someone feel incredibly special.

Check them out today and let me know which ones are your favorite! More to come in future posts, too!

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