Back to Basics

I always enjoy trying to come up with witty headers for my posts, even when I’m not writing the most interesting of things. It’s a reflection of my creativity and appreciation for the simple sake of writing in and of itself.

Honestly, I’m not sure how many of my followers noticed, but I haven’t been around for quite some time.

My social media is pretty much either disabled (like my Facebook Page) or just not being updated (like my Instagram). I’ve gotten more acquainted with Twitter over these last few months and enjoy the spotty discourse on there more now than I ever used to.

To be completely honest with all of you, the social media piece of my life started to lose it’s relevancy. My family and personal time started to take priority over me utilizing a social niche to interact with other readers.

Social media can be one of the most fun ways to meet people or it can turn into an annoyance that you’re just putting up with. For me it became an annoyance. When I first started on Instagram it felt like a flourishing community where people came together and enjoyed talking about books they were reading and discussing themes within those books. But over the years it grew into this strange place that’s filled with pretty pictures and cliche commentary.

When I originally started this site, it was meant to be a place where I shared my exploratory process with understanding the things I was reading. But then it all started to feel like an advertising board of new releases and products.

Not to say I don’t like sharing the books I love or the authors I’ve made friends with over the years, but to hype products is just not who I am.

After many weeks of deliberating who I am and what I want to do with my free time – well that’s easy. This is my place to share my thoughts and ideas with you all.

I hope you’ll stay on this journey with me and I’ll be seeing you all around very soon!

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