St. Paddy’s Day Short Story – Part I

An Old Friend Calls in a Favor

Sean was on his way home from school and ready to watch his favorite TV show. School was his least favorite place to be, but lately it had gotten even worse for him. He barely had any friends and most of the kids ignored him in a way that hurt more than it should. 

When he got home, he noticed his mom had left him a sugar cookie on the counter with a little note. The cookie was shaped like a clover and the note read “A little treat for you, but no more, I’ll be home in time for dinner -Mom”.

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St. Patrick’s Day was only a few days away and his mom, as Irish as their family name O’ Flannery, always loved to celebrate the day by leaving him treats in different shapes surrounding the holiday feel. He wouldn’t complain. Grabbing the cookie he tossed aside his backpack and plopped down on the couch. As he was scanning for his favorite show, the TV started to get all wonky like the signal was cutting out. Not sure what to do, he hopped up and hit it a few times hoping that would make it stop. 

On his way back to his seat on the couch he noticed a light coming from behind the couch. A little nervous, but not sure what it could be, he climbed on top of the couch and peered over the back. 

It looked like a Leprachaun, but there was NO way that’s what he was seeing. Before he knew it, the little person turned his head and looked up at him with sad eyes. 

Sean got himself staring at the sad little guy and finally decided to say something. “Um… can I help you?” The Leprechaun hopped up and on to the couch cushions next to Sean and took of his hat. Wringing it in his hands.

“Well… ya see. I knew yur Fatha and he owed me a favor. With him bein’ gone and all now I was hoping you might be able to help me…”, his little voice trailed off and he continued wringing his hat in his hands and using those very sad eyes to stare at Sean.

Sean’s father had passed away last year from an unexpected car accident. It had been hard as their family was small, but they were all really close. Clearing his throat, he addressed the little guy on his couch. “My dad never mentioned anything about knowing any… uh… Leprechauns. Not sure how I might be able to help ya.”

“Well ya see, every year he was part of the group, ya see, that would all get together and help me find me pot o’gold.” 

Sean couldn’t help it. He actually laughed. Clutching his stomach and struggling for air in his lungs. It wasn’t right and it wasn’t fair to the little guy, but Sean had no idea what he was talking about and he’s pretty sure he would remember if his dad had ever mentioned something this wild.

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*~*~* Part II coming soon, stay tuned! *~*~*

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