Book Review: The Last One You Loved by L.J. Evans

★★★★★ I have been a long time member of L.J. Evans' ARC Team and her latest release is another reminder of why I adore her books as much as I do. Her focus on small town romances and stories tied directly to song verses, creates a reading experience like no other. When I read her... Continue Reading →

The River Has Teeth by Erica Waters

★★★★★ A story about vengeance, painful truths and family. Where the forest is frightening and protective all in one heart beat and two young women find solace in one another as they battle for their lives and seek out answers to questions they both need.  Della is the youngest of the Lloyd family and they... Continue Reading →

Review: If I Could by B. Celeste

★★★★★ This was exactly the kind of book I needed right now. It was a slow build up that really let you get to know the characters, their backgrounds and why they are where they are. We follow a group of teachers at Exeter High School and delve deep into the lives of Lawrence "Ren"... Continue Reading →

Romance Book Recommendations

Are you looking for any new romance recommendations? Well today I have a few for you!These are some of my favorites and by some of my favorite authors as well! Angsty, Heart-Terrorizing Romance Stolen Soulmate and Forbidden Fate by Mary C. Gebhard These are part of the Crowne Point series and are books #2 and... Continue Reading →

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