Top 5 Usborne Books In Our Homeschool

This summer so far has been a time for me to really sit down and focus on what is most important for me and my family. I've made a lot of changes around my routine and ultimately the flow of our days and our house. I work full time at home, homeschool our children and... Continue Reading →

Most Loved Kids Halloween Books

My kids are SO ready for Halloween. There hasn't been one day that's gone by where they haven't asked me at least one thing about the upcoming holiday. "When are we decorating?" "When will my costume get here?" "I can't wait to go to such-and-such place!" It's a never-ending spooky day conversation in our home.... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Favorite Kids Books To Read Before Bed

Why bedtime reading? Any book-loving parent out there knows that bedtime reading is essential time to spend with our children. These moments not only create memorable experiences that stay with us and our children, but also create a very important foundation for early literacy skills that our children will need in this increasingly difficult time... Continue Reading →

Where The Rain Settles

This is my first day working from home and I am.... enjoying it. I got to sleep in a little bit, I got to be here to make my kids breakfast and then get started on my work. I feel much more relaxed and calm sitting here doing my work surrounded by my family. As... Continue Reading →

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