Where The Rain Settles

This is my first day working from home and I am…. enjoying it. I got to sleep in a little bit, I got to be here to make my kids breakfast and then get started on my work. I feel much more relaxed and calm sitting here doing my work surrounded by my family.

As I’ve been sitting here though, I’ve got so many ideas running through my head of how to have fun while at home. My kids were already home schooled before this whole situation set in, but now my husband and I can work together and do this as a full family unit. At least for the time being.

As everyone is starting to be at home, I’m seeing lots of publishers and authors finding digital ways to communicate with their audience. Online story times, book readings, kids book clubs and activities. So many things are coming together to try and keep our families working closely and focused on the things that matter.

Have you heard of any fun programs going on right now? I think I want to find a way to get my kids doing some buddy reads but I’m not sure how to connect them with other kids and how to facilitate the interaction effectively?

Looking for thoughts and ideas here! In the meantime, enjoy your family time and stay safe out there!

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