What’s Happening In Our Lifetime

If you’ve looked at the news, been to a grocery store or been on social media, then you know the world appears to be in complete chaos.

Cities and states are shutting down businesses, curfews are being put into place and people are becoming sick and dying. If you haven’t heard of Coronavirus or COVID-19, then you must be living under a rock.

A few months ago, this was simply a China only problem that people weren’t really paying attention to. It was something so far away and didn’t mean anything that no one was listening. Now it’s on everyone’s front door step and no one is prepared for where this is going.

Not only do we have incredibly sick populations that are struggling to get the care they need, but the situation is so dire that our entire social structure is collapsing. Within a few more weeks, we’ll all likely be boarded in our homes hoping that we can get approved for a grocery delivery.

Because that is exactly where all of this is headed. No one will be permitted to leave their homes, all essential goods or services will be available digitally or delivered to you. Are you really ready for the shut down that is coming? And I don’t mean with supplies. But are you mentally and emotionally prepared for how different our lives are going to look within the next few months?

My family and I are well stocked, but more than anything we’re emotionally prepared for the toll this is going to take. I have stacks of books to read, education to provide my children, entertainment that doesn’t involve the media and a sound mind to guide them through these changing times.

In the meantime though, I do think I’ll plan a buddy read in the next week or two if anyone would like to join me. I haven’t decided what I’ll read yet, but I’m open to suggestions if anyone is interested!

Let me know in the comments below how you’re all holding up; what you’re doing to get by and what you might want to buddy read with me.

Take care and I’ll see you all soon! 💜

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