Book Review: Us Against You by Fredrik Backman


Title: Us Against You

Author: Fredrik Backman

Publisher: Atria Books

Release: June 5, 2018

Links: Amazon | Simon and Schuster | Goodreads


Beartown has suffered from a tragic incident that is tearing the town apart at the seems. Driven to succeed by their shared passion for Beartown Hockey, the star team player was accused of raping a girl in town. Everyone helped to cover up the incident to make their own lives simpler.

As they put together the pieces, the town had also decided to disband Beartown Hockey and focus their attention on another hockey team. A stranger arrives in town to help rebuild their lost hockey team and that’s when everything gets interesting.

My Review


his town has been teetering on the brink of breaking apart and now they truly have. They’re losing themselves in the desolation of lies and loss that surround their residents. Without finding some balance in their own lives, they will all be torn apart by sadness and hatred. Elegantly written from multiple perspectives

, it starts out slow and focuses on the turmoil that each character is suffering from.

Atrocities have befallen the city of Beartown and the residents care more about protecting their precious hockey team than admitting what their children are capable of. When reading this story I found that it helps to have some hockey understanding of terminology. I’ve been a hockey fan for 12 years, and knowing hockey lingo such as power plays, etc was very helpful to keep up with the flow of the story, although it’s not necessary


This is a well written story about the darkness that lies within all of us and the lengths we will go to see success. As a town is torn apart, people are facing their darkest demons, how does one small town find the strength to overcome it and succeed.

Read it today to find out!

Advanced copy provided to me by Atria Books through NetGalley.

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