What Do You Want in a Book?

This is something we all think about as avid readers – but what do you really want in a book? When you think about this, don’t think about a genre such as “I like romance!” or “Science Fiction is the best!”. What I really want you to think about are the parts of books that move you and why they make you feel that way.

When you’re reading a story do you want to be scared because there’s a possible serial killer on the loose, swept away into an emotional embrace, or challenged to think more complexly about a specific subject?

We all like various genres. I don’t think there’s a single one of us that only reads one. Although the apparition likely does exist. We also read a variety of books because we like multiple aspects of stories or story writing.

What I’m talking about is how books make us feel. Deep down, we all read because we want to connect with something, or someone. When an author writes a concise story and the characters are consistent – developing their flaws into amiable traits – you are able to connect with the story and characters in such a way that they become part of us.

This fact is true across all genres. So now that you’ve gotten to thinking a little bit more about what you want from a book, share your thoughts on this below and we can expand on it through some discussion.

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4 responses to “What Do You Want in a Book?”

    • I find that I also thrive on character relationship building. When you finish that book and it feels like you’re mourning the loss of an amazing friend.


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