It’s Officially July, Let’s Talk #TBR

It’s July…. time to plan out the month…

So now that we’re officially in the month of July, I want to hallmark my TBR list and hold myself fully accountable to this list for the month.

I’ve started a new photo theme for my #Bookstagram posts and I use those a lot on here as well to highlight the books I’m reading and reviewing.

For July, you’ll be seeing a lot of colorful flower shots. 🙂


July TBR:

In order of what I intend to read…

  1. It’s Always the Husband by Michele Campbell – Thriller [Print book]
  2. Bayou Born by Hailey Edwards – Mystery/Fantasy (this one is for a book-club I’m in) [Kindle]
  3. A Collar for Cerberus by Matt Stanley – Literature [Kindle-NetGalley]
  4. City of Golden Shadow (Otherland, Volume 1) – Tad Williams – Science Fiction/Fantasy [Print book]
  5. Blind the Eyes by K.A. Wiggins – Science Fiction/Thriller [Kindle-NetGalley]
  6. The Law of Dreams by Peter Behrens – Historical Fiction [Print book]
  7. Whiteout by Ken Follett – Thriller/Mystery [Print book]


Comment below and let me know what you’re reading this month!

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