Spotlight: Breakthrough by Ashley Walsh

This morning I was looking through twitter and came across this amazing new novel that recently released and hasn’t received a huge response yet. I can’t see why not, because the story appears to have a pretty sound foundation. I expect this book to take off quickly so here’s a little look at the book and the author so you can see for yourself!

Title: Breakthrough

Author: Ashley Walsh

Released: June 10th, 2018

Publisher: Hooked Publishing

Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Ashley Walsh – Author


Synopsis: “A story crafted to guide you through an overwhelming journey of love, loss, and discovery.”

What really happened the night her brother burned to death in a fire his father started? A tragic circumstance brings them together only to pull them apart. Now, twenty years later, Mike and Kali have encountered a powerful relationship challenged by the crimes and deceptions of others. Their lives are quickly enriched as Mike’s sister sparks her existence into a heartfelt addition of humor and self-discovery. Breakthrough is a touching journey of once in a lifetime love and characters who learn to balance betrayal, forgiveness, and murder. When a twist of fate intervenes, and there is only one way for them to survive, they must all revisit the past. Will their relationships be strong enough to sustain the truth?

Ashley  WalshAbout the Author: First and foremost…thanks for stopping by!

I love hearing from you, so feel free –

I’m a writer and designer living in Austin, Texas. I’m married with five kids, two that are human.

For personal enjoyment, I love all things Colorado. Luckily, all paths are leading in that direction. It’s home, after all. I read a lot, spend countless hours at baseball fields all over the country, and have a healthy relationship with Netflix. I love my family, and I love my friends, and because I do, I cherish old traditions and the opportunity of creating new ones.

My favorite things are Gus (my beloved rescued mutt), and then…Christmas, Chuys, pecan roast coffee, and the color blue.

I’m thrilled to let Breakthrough go. That’s not to say I haven’t experienced any significant separation anxiety since doing so. However, it’s time to share. It’s been a very long ride, and I’m confident I’ve finally got it right. I’ve come to love these characters beyond measure, and I’m excited to see where Breakthrough goes.

I’m currently working on my next novel Cotton Creek. Buckle up…it’s going to be a good one!


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