Historical Romance Spotlight: Erin McDermott

Today we will be looking  at historical romance and one of the authors I have become familiar with: Erin McDermott. She is currently writing and releasing a series of novels under ‘The Allegiance’ series. I read the first book in this series “Captive Rebel” and greatly enjoyed how she intertwines Greek history into a romance novel.


It’s not always easy writing historical romance because you need to have your historical elements pretty well aligned to create the environment in the story, but when it is done well and paired with romance, you are sure to be swept off your feet.

One of the elements of McDermott’s writing is that her romance is well heated with emotional development, but for those that like to steer clear of steamy scenes and sexual descriptions, then the Allegiance series is one you should certainly check out.

In “Captive Rebel” we follow the main character, Marylyn, who is a rebel forced to do the rebellion’s bidding until an unforgiving family debt is paid. A pawn in the war against the Allegiance, she is obligated to become a rebel spy, or her family will suffer. During her activities as a spy she is captured by the handsome Prince Ariston and their romance begins to develop.

In the second part to the series, “Immortal Rebel” we follow Marylyn’s brother, Michael, who becomes intertwined with a beautiful bounty hunter whose mission it is to capture Marylyn from the first book. As Michael and Phoibe become closer, they will have to decide on what is more important to them. Their missions or their attraction to one another.

I highly recommend the books in this series if you are a fan of romance and are looking for something that is lighthearted and filled with historical settings.

Find on Goodreads:

Captive Rebel

Immortal Rebel

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