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Young Adult, supernatural romantic thriller
Date Published: November 2013
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Kate Archer is instantly drawn to Nick. He’s handsome, smart, and interested in her – perhaps a little too interested according to Kate’s brother. It’s a good thing Nick is interested, or Kate would have died the night of the football game. Nick may have rescued Kate, but he can’t stop the inevitable. Kate is changing; she just doesn’t know it. She can’t explain the visions and sensations affecting her body, but she can enjoy the pleasure of Nick’s kiss – that is, until she learns the real reason he is with her. Betrayed by her genetics, Kate begins a metamorphosis that forces her to confront an unseen reality and claim her true destiny.
My Review
Scintillate was a very interesting read from the very beginning to the end where my jaw dropped as I was expecting this to be a stand-alone novel. I keep getting surprised by these duologies and trilogies 😀 The story opens with Katherine, also known as Kate, as she daydreams about her crush Matthew in history class. Soon, the new boy in school Nick arrives and has all the girls’ heads turning. But he only has eyes for Kate. Their relationship quickly develops, much to the chagrin of her older brother and increasingly suspicious mother and father. Nick seems too perfect, too focused on Kate, and utterly in love with her to be anything but real. Kate starts to have these terrifying run-in’s with what appear to be creatures, but she tries to explain them away as if she has an over active imagination. As her relationship with Nick intensifies and so do the runs on her life, she uncovers a very important secret about her own life and the future in front of her. This revelation will change her entire life, and the lives of her new friends.0728181009b_hdr(1)1047787503.jpg
The characters in this story were well written and age appropriate. The romance that takes place between Kate and Nick is captivating and clean, considering we’re reading about teenagers and young love. I enjoyed how strong Kate’s character was. As she is continuously faced with adversities, she challenges herself to be strong and find reasoning in the things that are happening. Her strength mixed with the romance, adventure and thrilling aspects of this young adult novel make for a great story and enjoying read.


About the Author

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Storytime always captivated Karen.  As a child, she fell in love with books that transported her to different worlds and introduced her to new creatures. As a teacher, she encouraged her students to explore different times and new worlds through literature.  Now, when Karen isn’t living in reality with her husband and daughters, she can be found creating an alternate reality filled with creatures and worlds that she hopes will delight and raise goose bumps on her readers.
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  1. Thank you for taking the time to review SCINTILLATE. I’m so glad that you enjoyed it. All the books in the series are FREE with Kindle Unlimited. SYMBIOSIS is the second book in the SCINTILLATE SERIES. Haunting visions of the past plague Kate. In an effort to maintain harmony within her relationships, she tries to hide the knowledge the dreams reveal to her. Eventually, when the façade that she’s so carefully crafted begins to unravel, Kate realizes that the past has no boundaries, and it has stained her soul. It is then that the truth finally sets her free.
    SYNCHRONICITY is the final book in the SCINTILLATE SERIES. While honing Kate’s Asteri powers, Kate and Alex delve deeper into their relationship as they untangle Kate from Sarah’s past. Zoe and Evan are entrusted with the task of destroying a magical ring and finding a cure for a poison that threatens their existence, and Nick is determined to free Hayden from the monster that imprisons her.
    All three books are available at Amazon.

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