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All I need

By Jennifer Van Wyk
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All I NeedMy Review:


I would have to say that this book was more than just your contemporary romance novel about two people who fall in love. It was certainly more of a women’s fiction novel about overcoming hardship and heartache.

Ellie, the sweet and sensitive main character, has had her fair share of traumatic relationships. Which stem from her broken and damaging experience with her own parents. She manages to be engaged TWICE in her young life and both engagements ending very sourly.

She finally let’s everything go after the second engagement debacle and finds herself on the side of the road in a small town where she meets Walker.

Walker is genuinely kind and cares about everyone around him. Always making sure they’re taken care of before he is. He treats Ellie no differently than anyone else, other than he’s completely blown away by her.

Their attraction and borderline slow burn romance builds up nicely to a satisfying conclusion. Between Walker, who hasn’t given the time of day to any woman in his life, and Ellie, who is afraid of opening her heart again, they have amazing chemistry and bring a small town experience to a grinding end… 😉


It took me years to get over my fiancé sleeping with another woman. I thought my luck with men had finally turned around until I walked in on my new fiancé with my maid-of-honor.
I’m done with men entirely. I’m definitely old enough to know better than to let that happen to me again. Trust isn’t something I have in me to give… to anyone. At least, not anymore.
Besides, even if I wanted to give someone my everything, I have nothing left to give. Now, if Walker could be just a tad less handsome, his relationship with his nephew not quite as sexy and his body… well, let’s not get crazy. His body is just a gift to womankind.

The moment I laid eyes on Ellie, I knew she’d be full of spit and vinegar. And why wouldn’t she be? She’d just caught her fiancé with her maid of honor – and they weren’t chatting about the upcoming nuptials.
I can’t help but push her buttons, she’s sexy as hell when she’s fired up. Or cooking dinner with Miss Polly, or… well, any time, really. Maybe having her work for me in my vet clinic wasn’t the smartest move I’ve ever made considering I can’t stop my body from aching for her.
She said she was done with men entirely, that she’s broken. Still, I can’t help but hope that she realizes she’s All I Need.

About the Author: From the Ground Up was Jennifer’s first published novel and now that she was bitten by the writing bug, has no intention of ever stopping. Jennifer makes her home in small town Iowa with her high school sweetheart, three beautiful, hilarious and amazing kids, one crazy Jack Russell terrier. This is where her love for all things reading, baking, and cooking happen. Jennifer’s family enjoys camping, boating, and spending time outside as much as possible. You’ll be her best friend if you can make her laugh and follow up with asking her what to read next. When she’s not writing, you can find her cheering the loudest at her kids’ sporting events (read as: embarrassing them), sipping coffee or iced tea out of a mason jar with her Kindle in her lap or binging on Netflix.


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